Presentation Experience

bootOn saturday, 2 April 2016, I gave a presentation on 4 topics.

1. What happens between boot and login?
2. Introduction to MATLAB / Octave.
3. How to use wordpress locally through Xampp.
4. CGI task.


Through this seminar, I realised that when the task is assigned to us it’s not just going through that topic, understand it and give presentation rather we should understand its logic in detail, relate to our real life example, why that topic is assigned to us.

(topic==real life example)?enjoyment:boring;

We should take that task in a way that it’s our RESPONSIBILITY to make it understand to everyone.

I was finding an intermediater who guide me to achieve my goals and this tag suits to the GD group.

By giving presentations I can improve my communication skills.

There were many doubts arouse during the semibar and will find the answers of the same soon.

In short, it was a great experience to present to GD group on saturday.



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