Learning Latex

Learning Latex

So , today we will learn about LATEX, its importance and its uses.

For the introductory part refer to my friend’s blog

Superficially, one of the advantages of LaTeX over other more traditional systems (e.g. Word or OpenOffice) is the high typographical quality of the documents that you’ll be able to produce.

LaTeX allows you to clearly separate the content from the format of your document

LaTeX documents (*.tex) can be opened with any text editor.

A NAV file is a Navigation Mesh file for Counter-Strike: Source bots, Left 4 Dead bots, Left 4 Dead 2 bots and Team Fortress 2 bots and NPCs.

TeX writes the .log file. It contains more information about processing the job than what is shown on the console. It’s very useful for debugging.

LaTeX writes the .aux and .toc files. They are used for managing cross-references and table-of-contents information. Since TeX’s organism digests the input document from beginning to end, once per job, there’s no other way to have a part of the document change based on later content.

The beamer class writes .snm and .nav files. The .snm file is to assist you with including images of slides into an article version of the document. The .nav file assists in creating navigation bars on slides. Beamer is not apparently set up to suppress writing those files if they are not needed (i.e., if you do not need the functionality they enable).

The hyperref package writes the .out file to assist in creating bookmarks in the pdf file. Sometimes this isn’t needed; I looked at the last few jobs I had which used hyperref and the .out files are empty. Again, this doesn’t seem suppressable.


To open a pdf file, write command

evince a.pdf

where “a” is the filename.

To open a tex file, write command

preprex b.tex

where “b” is the file name.

Today, I got to know that gedit not open pdf file.

Bye Bye



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