Quality of Grass

In my previous blog, I gave the introductory part of the GRASS GIS. So, it,s time to use it.

I have created a txt file survey.txt containing some coordinates. To see the raster map, contours let study grass.



I run a bash script in “myG.sh” that contain the commands to show raster map and contours.



Moving to the commands.

r.contour   – Produces a vector map of specified contours from a raster

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is raster map.

fieldData and ContourVec is vector map.

To plot profile of a map.

r.profile -gc input=DTM1 file=profile1.txt

To give multiple coordinates.

r.profile input=DTM1 coordinates=10,10,20,30.

Here’s is the display of the map.



You are done. My Sir and Amarjeet really helped me a lot in it.

Now, explore it more and have fun.


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