Power of Terminal

Power of Terminal

Today, I tried to use browser through terminal.

Here the question arises, Why there is a need of it even we have well designed GUI web browsers?

The answer to this question is

  1. We can use browser of remote server through the terminal. This would take internet of remote server.
  2. Getting close to command line interface;)
  3. The data usage is less to a great extent.

There are actually bunch of text-mode web browsers like elink, lynx, w3m etc.

But I tried w3m through this link.

w3m is terminal web browser for linux. It supports for the images, tabs, tables, frames and other features.


sudo apt-get install w3m w3m-img

Here w3m-img package is for inline images.

Well termianls like GNome, KDE console don’t support w3m images. Other terminals like Xterm can.
So, open Xterm terminal and try to explore it.

I here tell you few tips to use browser from it.

w3m google.com

will open google page.

Right click button also functions in w3m.

Shift + T —– Open new tab.
Shift + [ —– Switch between tabs.
Shift + H —– w3m help page.
Shift + B —– Go back a page.
Shift + w —– Move to previous word.
w              —– Move to next word.
esc +m    —– pop-up link list menu.
[               —– Go to the first link.
]               —– Go to the last link.

Use arrow keys to move the cursor. If you want to type in a text box, select the text box with your cursor and press Enter before typing your text. Then select the button

A very very interesting feature of w3m is instead of pressing arrow keys and tab again and again to move to the desired location use the shortcut “esc + m” to pop up the list and select one of it. It will automatically render to the desired location.

I enjoyed a lot while doing this. I hope you will also.


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