Increase the Memory of Ubuntu Partition

Free/Unallocated Space

If you have not free space to extend the memory then shrink space from other partition. Below are the steps to do so.

  1. Open Gparted either from terminal or from dashboard.
  2. Right click on the partition you want to shrink.
  3. Click on Resize/Move and write the free space(in Mib) you want to unallocate.
  4. Click on Apply all operations (Tick button with a green color).

After this Start GParted in live Ubuntu session.

Also unmount (if they’re mounted) all the partitions that will be involved in the resize/move operation (by right clicking and selecting unmount from the context menu)

The partition you want to extend should be adjacent to the unallocated space. If not so, then we have move the in between partitions as was in my case.


Here, I want to extend /dev/sda8 partition with 49.61 Gib unallocated space. But they are not adjacent to each other. So, I have to move the partition  /dev/sda6 to the left.

Right click on the partition /dev/sda6 and select move/Resize option. Drag the bar to the complete left.

(WARNING: moving /boot partition may cause boot failure!)


Click OK. You will able to see the progress. It might take an hour or more depending upon the number of operations and partition memory.


After the completion of a move the partitions was in the order as shown.


Now, it’s time to extend the partition /dev/sda8 which was our main objective. So again right click and select Resize/Move option.


Extend the size of the window by expand it to left (in this case) and select Resize/Move.

In this case the partition will move to left as well grow.



Here, you can see the partition /dev/sda8 is increased by 49.61 Gib. Hope this blog would help you out.

For any queries or suggestions you may comment on this blog.


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