FEM Presentation 2

As I have already mentioned in my previous blog I am taking course on Finite Element Method. I have given presentation on the topic Galerkin Form or Finite Dimensional Weak Form. I don’t know how much fruitful it was to the audience over there.

But the one who is reading this blog and was present over there can comment and questions for the same.

The documentation for the same is stored in zoho docs

After that I have put the whole code of webmap in my Github repository under the branch webmap.


Now the task I am going to do is how to update data of OSM rather import it from scratch again and again. What I think it will be done through osmosis. But I am not sure.

Today, I tried was trying to make wiki page for pbOSM project and from that I came to to know that it is made with the Markup language. Again I have to learn one new language.:(

Now, it’s time to actualize the thing. So, bye bye for a time being.


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