Month: November 2017

Title of Lovely Blog hidden under Description

Baar Baar Din Yah Aaye, Baar Baar Dil Yah Gaaye
Tu Jiye Hazaaron Saal, Yah Meri Arazu Hai
Happy Birthday To You…

I am sure you are also rhyming this song with me. Moreover you are thinking why I have written over here. So, it’s time to reveal the surprise.

It’s my Hundredth Happy Blog Day. ūüėČ

All thanks to OpenStreetMap, Linux  and most import Great Developers Team to be a part of this journey.

Coming to non-technical Stuff, today, I heard news

After Train Departs 20 Seconds Early, Japan Railway Issues ‘Deep Apology’

You might be wondering why I have mentioned especially this news over here.

While reading this news many thoughts came to my mind. Previous year while receiving HVPE lecture my Sir said the main reasons how Japanese has a rapid economic growth.

[His Experience- During the departure of bus, In India people catch it by poking others but in Japan they act like civilized person.]

More precisely, they care for people whether it would be their family, employees, or even a person not belong to them in anyway.

They are dedicated to the work assigned to them.

They have spiritual sense of awareness in their social and economic life.

Overall, The Japanese have a practical outlook and believe in showing results in their work, even if this meant trial and error methods.

Now, it’s to time to have a break. Meet you soon with crispy technical stuff. ūüôā


Pip freeze outputs a list of python globally installed packages

Few days back, I got to know the actual meaning of virtualenv from my friend Amrit.


virtualenv <name>

The above command will create a new directory with <name> which create new python executable path, set up tools like pip, wheel etc through which we can install new python packages even without sudo power and independent of global python packages.

source /<name>/bin/activate

It will activate the virtualenv you have created now. Make sure to activate before you install new package under it.

deactivate                                   //deactivate the virtualenv.

pip freeze                                  //list all the packages installed under that environment.

Before the installation of any package under it, it should output none. But in my it was listing global python packages installed.

On browsing the error, I came to know that there was one file existing named “pip.conf”


Either you can remove the file or move it at other place. This seems to be a small problem but in actual it was destroying the real power of having virtualenv. So, solve it ASAP otherwise it gonna create chaos.

PDF Editor

Apart from that, I edited pdf with the online tool

Seriously it’s too flexible and interest seeking tool because of the features like Add your signature, tick the check box and many more.