Month: December 2017

Daily Dose

After so long, I got a time to publish this draft. They are general things a developer should know.

Command to download the debian file of the package.

sudo apt download <package-name>

Command to see the dependencies of the package.

sudo apt-cache depends <package>

I was not able to install any package with apt.

*** Error in `appstreamcli’: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x0000000001dedf90 **


$ sudo apt install –reinstall libappstream3

Let’s talk about Git.

What if you want to copy the file from one branch to other in git. Think think…

Congratulations if you know, but still I will explain here in detail.

Let’s say we have two branches A and B. I am currently in branch A and I want to copy one file from branch B to A. Remember, the file you want to copy should be committed. If not, then first go to branch B and commit it using below commands.

git checkout B

git add <filename>

git commit -m “Dear file, you are in demand!”

Now come back to branch A using

git checkout A

Now, using below command copy the file from branch B to A.

git checkout B <filename>

Apart from that,  I updated my Firefox using link

I think you learned some new things. Good bye. Stay tuned!

Tmux Commands

tmux ls   //list all tmux sessions

tmux attach -t session_no