Python Tutorial #1

Here are some of the points which are important to me.

Regular expressions:

.*? means “match zero or more characters but as little as possible“. It is called a non-greedy match.

.* means almost the same except that as much as possible is matched (greedy match).


  • Using f.*?a to match foo bar baz results in foo ba (stops after first a)
  • Using f.*a to match foo bar baz results in foo bar ba (stops after last a)

In Python regular expression, greedy means as much as possible.

Numeric Operator:

integer division,  a//b

float division,  a/b

Split Function: Separate two inputs with space by split function

i, c = input().split()

Difference between lists and tuples in python?

We can use tuples as

  1. keys in dictionaries
  2. elements of sets

whereas lists can not.



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