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Sixth Day- Information Security


Its name of Institute, Center for Development of Advanced Computing(CDAC). CDAC offers different PG Diploma courses in field of Computer Science, Electronics, Security, Mobile Computing… Diploma in Advanced Computing (DAC) is a well known course offered by CDAC.

In order to make our IT infrastructure resilient(recoverable from adverse affect) against these threats, there is a need for cutting-edge Research and Development efforts in Cyber Security. C-DAC has been actively pursuing R & D in a number of sub-areas in Cyber Security domain.

Information Security Assurance

  1. Confidentiality of data- It means data is not read and manipulated by intruders.
  2. Data Integrity – The data send by sender is the data received by receiver.
  3. Authentication- The sender and receiver can’t deny of sending and receiving respectively. One of technique used is Digital Signatures.
  4. Non-Repudiation- It’s the term used in legal contracts where sender or receiver later on can’t refuse to the authentication of the signatures.
  5. Non-Fabrication- The unauthorized person is sending the data to the receiver. It seems to receiver that data is sent by authorized sender which is untrue.
  6. Availability- The data is readily available when it is required.

Information security process is a three wheeler process.

CIA- Confidentiality  Integration Availability

Attack on 7 layer OSI Model


Common Online Attack

Denial of Service

It is cyber attack where the intruder make the machine resources unavailable to the intended users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting(break) the services of host connected to internet.

DDoS Implementation

It is implemented through Botnet. Bot means an automated computer program to perform a particular task.

Here, Botmaster(intruder) cunningly insist people to install bot in their computer over a network. It can be through various ways like “Click here to win iphone7”;). When they click bot in their local machine is installed. Likewise over a network it is installed in millions of machines. Then botmaster orders the bot to go to particular site at a time(like Amazon). There is increase in the overhead on the amazon for that time. Hence intended users not able to use Amazon i.e. Denial of shopping:D

That is why it is Distributed denial of Service as it is done with the help of millions o computers cunningly.

Social Engineering

Social engineering principally involves manipulation of the people rather than technology to breech the security. Here human as a weapon for intruder to attack human.

Types of Social Engineering

Dumpster Diving- The intruder search the credentials and gather information from the dump or dustbin. Here, dustbin means the data which we throw in the trash.

Persuasion- It’s a telephone calling. Intruders persuade humans by calling them supposedly from banks. They play tactics to intake the credential information.

Shoulder Surfing- In this attack the intruder see confidential data by looking over the victim’s shoulder. Either by standing close to him or using binoculars.

Baiting- Baiting is when an attacker intentionally leaves a malware-infected physical device, such as a USB flash drive in a place it is sure to be found. The finder then picks up the device and loads it onto his or her computer, unintentionally installing the malware.

Phishing- Phishing is when a malicious party sends a fraudulent email disguised as a legitimate email, often purporting to be from a trusted source. The message is meant to trick the recipient into sharing personal or financial information or clicking on a link that installs malware.

Identity Theft- In identity theft the attacker use someone’s identity to do a crime or wrongful thing. It can be implemented through sim cards, BPO(Business Process Outsourcing).

A logic bomb is a piece of code intentionally inserted into a software system that will set off a malicious function when specified conditions are met. For example, a programmer may hide a piece of code that starts deleting files at a pre-defined time or when some other condition is met.

Some viruses attack their host systems on specific dates, such as Friday the 13th or April Fools’ Day. Trojans that activate on certain dates are often called “time bombs”.

That is why we say that update your Antivirus Software regularly.


























Fourth Day- Latex

Typesetting- It’s the arrangement and setting of the type. It’s a designing of formatted text. It’s a concept.

Typography- It’s a technique of arrangement of the type. Basically, it is used to implement typesetting.

File management or documentation is significance part of any project.

There are two types of typesetting software.

  1. Open source software- Examples-> Latex, Scribus, laidout
  2. Commercial Software- Examples-> MS Word, Adobe Indesign, QuarkXPress, istudio publisher.

Why programming is better than GUI?

  1. Automation.
  2. Take less time.
  3. Manipulate the things easily.
  4. Programming give real power whereas GUI has limited scope.

MS Word provides templates to make a good product.

Advantages of Latex

  1. Space optimization.
  2. It do less hyphenation(split words with – character)
  3. TeX combines a number of single/separate characters into a single ligature. Example with fi.

TexLive provides full packages comparable to Miktex.

TexStudio is just IDE. For backend you need Latex distribution like texlive or miktex.


Encoding is the process of converting data into a format required for a number of information processing needs, including:

  • Program compiling and execution
  • Data transmission, storage and compression/decompression
  • Application data processing, such as file conversion
  • In computer technology, encoding is the process of applying a specific code, such as letters, symbols and numbers, to data for conversion into an equivalent cipher.

Vector Images and Raster Images

Vector images are the digital images created through a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that place lines and shapes in a given two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. Image extension like pdf, SVG,  eps etc.

Raster images are the digital images created or capture(scanning) as a set of samples of a given space. Raster image files are usually larger than vector image files. Image extension like png, jpg, jpeg etc.

MS Visio and Dia(open-source) are used to design images.

Since all basic are clear, so come to Latex now.

I will discuss here few basic commands.

In Latex, figures and tables are floats. Latex placed itself according to the optimized algorithm. But still if you want to the that position then add [H] with \beginfigure

\beginfigure[H]  where H means to keep figure here

Here, braces are optional. In place of H we can write T(for top), B(Bottom), P(Page)

\usepackage{subcaption}  //To insert 4 -5 images in the in one fig like a b c

Figure~  //Tilt sign will deoptimize space like I want figure-3.6 together then use tilt sign

\usepackage{hyperref} //it will take the pointer of the section in an index to it’s description and vice versa.


Third Day- React-native

Hey Guys. It’s third day of our training. It was delivered by my favourite speakers Vigasdeep and Shaina.


It is basically a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

It has three paradigms

  1. Declarative– Design simple views and react will update and render right components.
  2. Component based– Manage complex GUI by encapsulating components for each state.
  3. Learn Once, Write anywhere– Develop new features in react without rewriting existing code.


Learn Once, Write anywhere. It builds mobile apps with react. It is developer-friendly as well as user-friendly based on JavaScript and react. A React Native app is a real mobile app. It need not to compile again and again. Predefined components are build in JavaScript and JSX compiled.


It’s an alternative of react-native but less productive. PhoneGap produces apps for all popular mobile OS platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile OS etc. But it’s not user-friendly. It’s not native(here native means os dependent). Ionic use phonegap.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 5.05.49 PM

Here, Web can be assumed for Phonegap.

Then he told us about Git. Git is basically developed from the command diff. I have already explained Git in my previous blogs.

There was an overview on Documentation like Doxygen can be used.


Second Day- Cloud Computing

Today was the second day of my college training. It was held in the workshop seminar hall.

Mr. Vivek Thapar took our lecture. He taught us on the topic Cloud Computing.

Evolution of Cloud Computing


It is basically group of computers connected to each other. The basic idea between clustering is master-slave. There is one master node and all other nodes are slaves.


Practically cloud computing is implemented by installing server software on one computer(maser computer) and client software(slave computers) on other computers. It is reliable because work is distributed.

Grid Computing

It is the interconnection of various clusters through a WAN. It requires internet for its working. Internet speed decrease overall speed of the grid computing.


It’s of two types

  1. Homogeneous Grid Computing
  2. Heterogeneous grid Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the power of every website. Face-book, Amazon Web Server(AWS) are the examples of it. It is the metaphor of internet computing.

Cloud computing and Big Data are complementary to each other. Here, cloud computing is for computing the data and big data for storing and retrieving the data.

Virtualization of Grid and cluster is called cloud computing. Virtualization means maximum utilization of resources dynamically. Here dynamically means you are provided with the resources when you are in need of it and release when you have completed your task.

Cloud computing is hyper visor.


Big Data

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. Hadoop is the technology to handle big data.

It has three elements

Volume, velocity and variety.

NIST Model


PaaS examples are amazon,, joyent, rockspace.

IaaS provide access to fundamental resources like physical machine, virtual machine, virtual storage etc. Examples- Go Grid, NTT communications.

Difference between cluster, grid, and cloud computing



Multi-tenancy refers to a software architecture which provides access of a single software to various users at a time. Here, tenants refers to group of users having access.

Saas and Iaas uses multi-tenancy by giving access of same software and Hardware among all the users.