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Integration of 3D-OSMBuilding with Leaflet and OpenLayers

H ye Friends.

I think this is my first blog in which I will discuss about 3-D OSM Map with you all. Yes, it’s really nice project.

You can view it over here-> http://osmbuildings.org/

The source code of the project is https://github.com/OSMBuildings/OSMBuildings/

Now, here comes a turn what I have done in this project.

I have tried to add my own base map layer (i.e. 2-D Map )which is rendering the customize styles.

For it you have to edit index.html file in it. Change the old line to new line.

osmb.addMapTiles(‘https://{s}.tiles.mapbox.com/v3/osmbuildings.kbpalbpk/{z}/{x}/{y}.png’);                                                                                                      //Old Line

osmb.addMapTiles(‘../pb_osm/{z}/{x}/{y}.png’);                                //New Line

The other task which I have done which resembles with the blog title is Integeration of OSMBuildings with Leaflet.

You can clone it from here-> https://github.com/amisha2016/leaflet-3DMap

You can view it over https://lab.gdy.club/leaflet-3DMap/leaf.html. Isn’t it looking pretty;)

To do for OpenLayers you can refer to https://github.com/bogdanvaduva/osmbuildings