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FEM Saturday Begins

It’s necessary to nomenclature this Saturday as the master goal of the presentation was sameĀ  for all trainees “Finite Element Method Discussion”.

Necessity of this discussion?

Inspite of having very good videos by Coursera our focus is to assemble individuals knowledge at a hot point(TCC) and make a cool script out of it.;)

As I am having Jio at home. So, it’s difficult for me to watch videos online. For thatĀ  I tried to download whole playlists from youtube through youtube-dl command.

To download any playlist there is a special URL for that which is having playlist keyword in it. For example https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJhG_d-Sp_JHKVRhfTgDqbic_4MHpltXZ

This URL can be found by clicking on the link as shown below highlighted by red marker.


Command to download whole playlist is

$youtube-dl –yes-playlist –continue https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJhG_d-Sp_JHKVRhfTgDqbic_4MHpltXZ

While downloading big playlists if it breaks in between due to any technical issue like Net connection, Power off etc. you may use –continue flag to download existing playlists.

Apart from this I got a sticker of Apertium


Apertium is free open source software for machine translation. For example

Screenshot from 2017-07-30 15-58-30.png